U R Love Yoga & Wellness

Encouraging all to know themsleves as love. 

        Photo By: Eric Edner

Our Mission

As instructors we strive to be of service for aspiring and seasoned yogis alike.  We strive to be available for you as you develop, maintain and enjoy yoga and wellness practices that are right for you. We warmly welcome and encourage ALL genders, body shapes, sizes and levels of experience. Maintaining a welcoming, non-judgmental and safe yoga environment is our priority. 

Our Purpose

To Encourage all to know themselves as love.

We believe yoga strengthens, nurtures, and fuels the body, mind and spirit in ways that lead us to choose lifestyles that honor our health, wellness and happiness. And that through continued practice yoga has the ability to connect us to our highest potential, greatest destiny and most fulfilled journey. W have found that showing up to our practice with an open mind and willing heart, or in complete surrender, that yoga has offered us the opportunity for self-discovery, connection, awakening, healing, growth, laughter, joy, adventure and love. As instructors we are simply holding the door open and hoping you will walk through it. Through our studio classes, outdoor adventures, workshops and educational events we strive to more deeply connect our "kula" or yoga community heart to heart and soul to soul locally, globally and universally.   

                                                                                      Photo By; Kevin Weight 



Kimmy Bigelow - Yoga Instructor

Kimmy is a Yoga Alliance Certified 400hr Yoga Instructor, U R Love Yoga & Wellness Studio Founder, YExplore Yosemite Adventures Hiking Guide, a NOALS Wilderness First Responder (WLF), lifetime out door enthusiast, herbalist and licensed Cosmetologist at BellaDonna Salon. She enjoys that her breadth of life experiences and skills allows her to connect with a wide verity of people. Her intention is to arrive with an open heart and offer her best in any given situation. Her teachings focus on connecting with the inner Self, being present with where we are now, acceptance, forgiveness, deep compassion, healing and radical self-love. She blends traditional Ashtanga and Hatha yoga styles with twists of her own flow while sprinkling in the elements of nature. She pays close attention to her students, offers options, adjustments and assistance to help individuals achieve their best practice for that moment. She believes yoga is attainable for all and is committed helping people discover their right practice. In her eyes yoga has the power to heal the world. This sense of knowing drove her to pursue becoming a yoga teacher. She feels honored to hold a safe and compassionate space for growth, healing or just being. When she’s not at the studio or work she can be found gathering with family and friends, furthering her education, hiking, fishing, adventuring, baking, gardening, or enjoying a snack. She believes life is meant to be enjoyed and looks forward to being a part of your sacred journey. 

Catherine Wortmann - Yoga Therapist

Catherine emanates an instant sense of calmness, openness, and warmth. She is at ease in any surrounding. Catherine’s path in life has not been conventional or easy. She grew up in Truckee California. Money was tight and being one of six children in a Mormon family she and her siblings found entertainment outdoors. It is apparent that she retains her deep sense of connectivity with the natural world. Catherine had been a student of yoga for some years and practiced regularly, she always knew that Yoga would play a more significant role in her life. After becoming a mother she wanted to help others pursue peace, mindfulness, and compassion so she enrolled in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Sonora, California. She graduated in 2013 and began teaching immediately. She is now teaching at two yoga studios in Groveland, CA as well as leading workshops and classes at a local horse ranch. She has also accepted a scholarship with Christian Damek of Sonora California to continue her Yoga education.

In education and work, Catherine has worn many hats. She pursued a degree in Business Finance at Sonoma State University. Graduating in 2009, after the financial industry crash, Catherine chose to leave the career she thought she wanted to fight fire for the federal government. With the support of her husband, Jamie, she put her physical and mental abilities to the test as one of few woman firefighters on the Groveland Hotshot crew. Half way into her second fire season she became pregnant with her son Barrett; she was five months when the season ended and so ended her fire career. Motherhood reinvigorated Catherine’s focus on patience, compassion, and mindfulness and she began to focus more intently on yoga and meditation. At the present she works for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), manages her family farm; aptly called Namaste Farm, teaches Yoga, and enjoys being a mother and wife.

At Namaste Farm and her home, Catherine is able to combine her studies with her love of farming and animal husbandry. She owns two horses, Dennis and Lace, and is rehabilitating a feral donkey named Rosie. Catherine has expanded her homestead to include pastured pigs and chickens and will soon add sheep for milking. It is clear that Catherine connects with all of her animals and that they thrive under her care. Her Arabian horse, Lace has been with her for 20 years and has been Catherine’s confidante in hard times as well as good. Lace is elderly but healthy and strong and Catherine still takes her for trail rides. There is a deep connection between Catherine and all of her animals and it carries over into her human connections as well. Catherine is careful and thoughtful and devoted to sharing her gifts with anyone who wishes to learn. Her students’ practice grows under her care and focus and she clearly grows alongside.

Written by: Ariel Galos

Chris Loh - MMA Instructor

Chris Loh is an MMA instructor. He is a former professional MMA fighter and collegiate athlete. He has many years of experience in American kickboxing. Chris has achieved the rank of purple belt in his 6 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has competed in Jiu Jitsu tournaments such as (The US Open 2010 Bronze medal, 2013) and (The Pan American Games 2011). Chris still trains at Oakdale and Sonora MMA and is a member of The Last Stand Professional Fight Team. Chris is the founder of Groveland MMA.